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Our mission

Be your guide throughout your sustainability journey

At Sustainao, we see sustainability as a continuous journey aiming towards a sustainable world. Our mission is to be your guide through your sustainability journey. We help you find the most relevant routes for your company to build a custom sustainability roadmap. We then accompany and support you step by step to create value for your business and your stakeholders.    



Get to Know Us


Ivona Balint-Kowalczyk

Sustainability Consultant, Founder of Sustainao

Ivona is a sustainability consultant with 6+ years of experience in audit and sustainable development. Before founding Sustainao, she worked as an auditor for KPMG. She verified sustainability information of dozens of companies and conducted sustainability audits in 15 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia.


​She holds an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability from the Institute of Léonard de Vinci Paris, France and a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Paris VII University and Paris XII University, France.


​She founded Sustainao with the goal of helping big and small Singaporean companies manage their multiple sustainable development challenges.

She also volunteers in Singapore at The Matcha Initiative, a one-stop tool for businesses to kickstart their journey towards sustainability.

Michèle Dyson

Climate Change Consultant

Michèle is a sustainability professional currently based in Singapore. Passionate about climate change issues, she is fully dedicated to supporting organisations and individuals in their transition towards the low-carbon future.

Michèle holds an engineering degree in industrial production from ICAM Toulouse, France, and has 15+ years of experience working in various industries.

Certified in Corporate Sustainability Strategy and Low Carbon Strategy, Michèle is also a trained facilitator of climate change workshops The Climate Collage.​